Tiny jealousies?

I wrote this piece in the spirit of fun, however, the more I read it the more it rings true.

Crab!, Shakespeare, faceless man.
He is not a hero, but an ideal.
The reservoir of all our dreams.
The dream of the pen wielder
and key striker and notator
and all others who observe and record.

22 thoughts on “Tiny jealousies?

  1. I like this one šŸ˜Š it’s interesting to think of Shakespeare as something more than a person, like he’s become an abstract concept that represents a lot more than an individual identity (well that’s the impression I got from it anyway).

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    • Your interpretation is dead on. Hard for me to look at *him* as a person what with all the wonderful conspiracy theories and *his* (its?) legendary status. While I am not as moved by Shakespeare as some, he’s a force to reckon with if you care to observe and record the world.

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      • It’s a really interesting way of viewing Shakespeare! I see what you mean, there are some very compelling and some very far fetched conspiracies surrounding him! I’m slightly more of a Marlowe fan but do like Shakespeare.

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  2. Being an avid lover of Shakespeare’s words, I am at first compelled to frown with dissension, but I must own that the theories and suppositions surrounding him/his life/it’s life are as compelling as my reaction and, perhaps, this sheds some light on your verse as well as the true nature of the writer(s). A Dichotic extension of the human psyche embodied in one name. (OR I could simply be lost in the Dream of the Pen Wielder)

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