This blog is dedicated to aggressive, unrelenting thought.  The work you read is a reflection of the way I live my life — rational evaluation and the assertion of principles that correspond thereto.  There’s nothing so obnoxious to me as the sanctification of perspectives without consistent action, therefore, how I express myself is almost always a genuine reflection of the diligence with which I approach my own life and the world around me.

I want more than anything for poetry to signal a call to action and mine almost always does.  Yes, occasionally I will write a love poem or ruminate on some esoteric notion, but I think poetry is at its most effective when it combines the reality the writer is experiencing with artful expression.  The truth inherent in poetry is less about objective Truth and more akin to the authenticity of individual or shared experience.  That truth is only accentuated by an artful turn of phrase or a poetical structure, which forces the reader to pause, think and, ultimately, act.

My race, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status and education level are all part of my identity, but unlike so many, I refuse to allow them to hijack the thing most indicative of my being — my humanity.  A great deal of my work focuses on the themes of humanity, personal responsibility and the importance of knowing self (that is, being comfortable with self).

It is an expression of my determination to see the world shift from one that focuses almost exclusively on how externalities effect us, to a world where we focus on how our internalities effect the way in which we interact with the world (I often refer to this as putting the “I” back into human).  I’m not foolish enough to expect a seismic shift in human relations–any student of history understands how unlikely it is that we will instantly shift away from the fear that guides most of our action–but I can sleep well at night knowing that I do all that is within my power to share a view of the world as something built on unity, decency and a hope that is relevant only through the action that animates it.

Please read anything and everything I have to offer.  Comment, assert, inquire and take the time to consider views that might appear confusing, conflicting or odious to your senses.  I’ve found that the greatest chance for humanity is in the consistent challenge of our sacred “-isms” and if my writing serves no other purpose, let it force you to consider  your own place in the world with greater intensity.


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  1. Phil, I am even more intrigued by your writing now (and thereby, also, you) than I was previously. This is so intellectual, and yet, so provokingly poignant. Perhaps it simply speaks to the poet in me, and although I express my poetry through, perhaps, more ‘flowery’ lyrical form, I feel very much the same. Even my books (DarkFey) are written with the purpose of calling our humanity into action.
    Its Very nice to read an about page that is more ABOUT and less A/S/L lol 😉 Thank you for sharing it with me …and us!

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    • Thank you Morgan! I pointed it out to you because you always provide thoughtful commentary and I thought it might give you a window into what passes through my mind as I write. And I am all for flowery writing. In fact, it’s necessary. Some things cannot be described in cold, terse language and embellishment and adornment actually express the subject matter better than an analytical approach ever could. I don’t want to discourage any one from embracing their style, I just want to ensure that I’m covering a base that forces people to pause for a moment and think about whether altering their actions might make the world a better place.

      ps. I think my a/s/l will come out soon enough. Ultimately, I will switch this blog over to a new domain and reveal my identity 🙂

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      • I am glad you did. As I said yesterday, I love to discuss what inspires and drives the writer. I love knowing what motivated the words. Let’s face it, you know me well enough by now to understand, I just love talking about words 🙂

        Not to make you feel pressured in any way whatsoever, only if you feel inclined, but it might be an interesting challenge to write a piece together; you from your analytical POV and me from my lyrically verbose perspective and yet, try to merge them cohesively? Thoughts?

        p.s. new domain with revelations, eh? 🙂


  2. Such a brilliant statement.
    The shift from attention on the externalities to “focus on how our internalities effect the way in which we interact with the world” is something I whole-heartedly agree with, and something I haven’t heard put in such a clear and persuasive way.
    Thanks for sharing! I’m very excited to follow your work.

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  3. Well written. I concur with every line. Just think if more people on planet earth felt this way, we all would live better lives in peace and serenity. We could live and breathe to a higher standard of existence. And find joy in the doing of it. Bravo!

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    • Fair question, but I’d quibble with the premise. The key is realizing that there is nothing uneventful about being alive. The odds that any one person, no matter who they are, would exist at all are extraordinarily miniscule. That’s enough for me to appreciate and lustfully take in the world around me. Poetry (or any writing for that matter) can evaluate the smallest and most routine things and consider them in such a way as to make them seem what they are – fascinating. Keep your receptors open to all the world offers and you’ll always be inspired!

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