Envy her

Envy her,
     seated quiet comfort?
The rigid
     fixed in fashion
          to extend meaning.
At pains, conspiring,
     but bent on appreciation
          for all things them (us?).
Would that work
     and worry were
          beneficent bonds.
A recourse to rigidity
     would arouse such hope.
As is, all days
     tar quiet comfort
          an ungrateful lot.

5 thoughts on “Envy her

  1. I find it intriguing this verse has over 50 likes and not a single comment? It says so much, yet asked me to read and re-read it, seeking, asking, curious. That quiet comfort, so uneasy lies, waiting…apparently.

    yet I could be misinterpreting. Perhaps the quiet comfort and rigidity have another connotation?


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