Count me among your many,
but count me not at all.
By skin, or taste, or refrain
I am but my own.

But by breath, and life and wonder?
Consider me your brother.

I hope to share the space of ours
in peace.
Though I may be quiet and
oft reserved, I am peace.

Never will you watch my movements,
for they shall not hurt you.

8 thoughts on “All-and-none

  1. This is very deep. It sounds very much like the chant and the wailings of millions of people at the top of their voices, going on forever but never heard by any. Well, they hear but they are not listening. When they listen, they forget. When they are reminded, they recall an then they stop hearing. One day, we will see eye to eye and listen heart to heart. The big question is WHEN. I love your poem. You are a star.

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