the call to reason

If you seek relief in the transient balm of your age,
you will note the whimsical fury of the present
and the thorough disregard of your effort.

Contrast, then, the stark and fleeting
with the perpetual ease of
the will to forge a new meaning in your time,
in your space;
meaning that will envelope the I in an inimitable way.

The goal of any person: the call to reason.

11 thoughts on “the call to reason

  1. Thanks for noticing Next Year, Sundial Relaxation and Human Monochrome. I like this one of yours, particularly the way in the second last line that you follow the ‘I’ with chock-full-of-i inimitable. But I must dispute your thesis: there are many ‘any persons’ who are immune to the call to reason. If you wedge a ‘rational’ between ‘any’ and ‘person’ in your last line, I’m happier, but it would ruin the cadence, so I’ll just have to assume it in. This is just me over-parsing a great poem.


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