Raise eyes

To raise eyes,
maiming ageless weight
and expectation.
It is the inevitable rebellion
of appreciation.

It is worth it...
To curse the eye and
to press the light.

And when the 
wanton nothing
bristles as 
boldness refuses the lash...
He remains the liar 
we despise.

2 thoughts on “Raise eyes

  1. Philesatry,
    This is the first time I have commented, so here goes.This made me think and that is good. Raise the eyes maiming ageless weight…..curse the eye………..refuse the lash. Be open to what we have not experienced; the person is precious regardless if understood or compatible. People are all human and this is a perfect starting point with anyone……………Blessings to you Kathy

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    • Thank you for the kind and thoughtful comment Kathy. I appreciate you taking the time to read and am glad you were able to take something meaningful from the piece. In part it is about the audacity to appreciate…to do so in the face of “ageless weight and expectation”.


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