Terror of the tawdry

I wrote this poem after reading this excellent post.  I’m often mortified by the casual disrespect that men engage in vis-a-vis women, and to my mind, every man is responsible for ending such actions.  That anyone would be forced to “erect defenses” for merely living their lives is an absurd notion.  Let’s relieve a little human suffering by engaging those of the opposite sex with the same respect we ask for ourselves.  If we create a vibrant enough echo perhaps the madness will stop.

The petty
and their predations
therefore, they will.
It's that 
subtle shift
of power
to force a 
nervous target still.
What right
have they
that press
to pronounce an
ill intention?
Drown them all
in a vibrant echo,
and through 
the flood 
erect defenses.