Sinful suplex

Please enjoy my humble attempt at verse:

When wilted, wills collide
and flesh tones sound unceasingly
in love's great unknown.
Sinful suplex, where harm's slayed,
caught enraptured
with limp limbs splayed.

Post riders and chariots of desire
bed down.
Ceasing shame
prior to well-earned rest,
wilted now only in name.

Moment after the moment

There is a moment 
after the moment
when all reside
with self.
The excuse that enervates
under its own gravity.
And all the compulsion
that sells
like the joy
of so many fleeting beats.
But this life,
judged always and everywhere
as if chosen,
is not joy in form.
It is the catharsis --
	the release of the unwished for
	and eternally unbecoming.

Watch even as they wield the grand attempt,
so unobservant where the
passion spreads thickly.

Curses!  For the moment
after the moment
when the energy that
enervates dies
its trivial death.