Light of burdens

Living in the light of burdens
astride the great heavy dull.
Wherein masks diverged from
faces plant themselves in
history's embrace.  
And sing-song nature's revel 
in the deep and wide of the world;
it spewing fodder for men
of the fullest persuasion.
Light me amid these dark moments
that I might know fear and,
in so doing, feel the pain of
finitude that is every person's
fate to feel.

Swell of burdens

It's peculiar the way that carrying out can usher in:

I've seen a swell of burdens 
carried out the door.
Burdens that fill bags--
   literally fill bags--
beautiful bags that sat at
cross purposes.

I saw a beautiful being
tote those beautiful bags,
swelling with burdens,
out my front door.

Such a sight and such a sensation.