Truth, poor truth

There's no reward in the unadorned truth.
It stuns the nerves, levels pillars,
and suffers manipulations.

Truth, poor truth.
-the unfortunate recompense of the aesthete.
-a bane to cozy pleasantries.

Point your light plain truth, 
toward the fog of human folly.
Be the agent of our salvation.

30 thoughts on “Truth, poor truth

  1. No reward it in, as such, perhaps. Yet one can learn how to deliver it without harming another. Even through the pen, if that gives one pause before delivery. I’m one who is familar with truth and prefer it from others. Once revealed (if the other even knows what is true for them), it’s far easier to get to the heart of the matter. Which, at least to me, is reward, in itself. Aloha.

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