18 thoughts on “The human remains

    • Mmmm….I find it interesting you read so much sadness in this. While I hadn’t thought about the possibility of a 9/11 related interpretation (I’m working on one of THOSE poems actually, but won’t put it up for some time), I see why you went in that direction.

      The origin of the piece is a little less traumatic than any that might have to do with actual ‘human remains,’ and speaks more to the fact that beneath all the spit and polish or difficult moments, what we see before us are human beings, never too dissimilar to ourselves — thus, the human remains.

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      • I like that, Phil. I am sure I drew this interpretation because of its proximity to 9/11, which was also the same day of my own mother’s passing, so both are vivid in my thoughts. I appreciate your clarification and, when I re-read it, I now can see what you intended more clearly. Its beautiful truth, really.
        Thank You πŸ™‚

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      • I do like reading the poem and taking from it whatever is says specifically to me, but, I like just as much discussing it with it’s creator, learning what inspiration birthed those particular words and what meaning it was meant to impart.

        Thank You πŸ™‚

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