Shadow world

Heartbeats and shadows
patter, beating out the cadence
of the ancient lover's cry.
		Tense is the refrain
		secret endearments claim,
		a melting of resolve
		does not such deceit absolve.

Were all our failings so,
better that we might perceive
enchantments and phantoms.

		Oh! The tacit consent
		of sweet and innocent,
		erectors of sturdy lore
		set to avert the bore.

And then when uncovered,
pitiful in undulations, 
left to strip a quiet thrill.

		The last of those to feel
		may know of shadows real,
		such as is plain
		for lovers without name.

21 thoughts on “Shadow world

  1. Wow this is great! You should definitely submit to it is free and we’d love to have poetry like this up there! Thank you also for following my blog, I appreciate it!


  2. Hello,
    Thank you for following my blog darling, and for sharing your beautiful play with feeling… I fell into each little story… and it was wonderful ❤
    Wishing you a magical day ❤
    Lots of Love,
    Hayley ❤

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