Moment after the moment

There is a moment 
after the moment
when all reside
with self.
The excuse that enervates
under its own gravity.
And all the compulsion
that sells
like the joy
of so many fleeting beats.
But this life,
judged always and everywhere
as if chosen,
is not joy in form.
It is the catharsis --
	the release of the unwished for
	and eternally unbecoming.

Watch even as they wield the grand attempt,
so unobservant where the
passion spreads thickly.

Curses!  For the moment
after the moment
when the energy that
enervates dies
its trivial death.

29 thoughts on “Moment after the moment

  1. Blown away by this poem. It made me feel quite emotional. Exceptionally written. I want to ask what inspired you to make this poem, your meaning behind the words, but I think I ask that often 🙂


      • Okay. You’ll have to bear with me as typing on my mobile isn’t an easy task. The poem is written in third person present, the moment after the “moment” which reflects on the moments that happen after the resonating moments of happiness. The following moment becomes introspective, inside of the “self.” Questioning the excuses that have prevented us from having such moments, but simultaneously these moments drain you. And the feeling of coming back to reality after soaring high. All of the addictions, desires lose intensity and eventually do not last. Interesting “it is catharsis” as life is releasing these repressed emotions “eternally unbecoming” together are quite different to see, but I understand that it could mean the unconscious mind with wishful thinking. Hmm “unwished” is a difficult one, perhaps what you didn’t wish to happen to yourself, but it happened. Where I wondered what you meant was “watch even as they..” I guessed it maybe a facade of some sort that the unobserving and those lacking with passion do. The last stanza “Curses! For the moment after the moment,” is a fitting ending, the sadness for losing that moment where you were energised to do anything. The part that struck a cord in me was “but this life judged always amd everywhere as if chosen, is not joy in form.” As we don’t choose to be born, and in which family or circumstance. It’s as though we are judged in life and beyond thus, it’s not a joyful moment in this moment. I think your meaming is not the same, butI love your poetry<3


  2. Perhaps this is about missing the moment and living the next one. Sounds like an early midlife crisis , a sort of self consolation philosophy about after which life was truly chosen ? I love this philosophy in the poem. And the truth that what was unbecoming was the wish of the moment. Very wise as it ends with death , lovely poem .

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  3. Oh, interpretation!

    I think what I got out of this is that people think they have choice but they don’t really. They act in the moment, believing that what they have done is out of choice, but on reflection it begins to feel like they were forced into that decision anyway — “the release of the unwished for and eternally unbecoming”. And still, knowing this they like to put on a mask and say they knew what they were doing all along and they CHOSE to do it whilst inside they are a churning of emotions — “the grand attempt as unobservant the passion spreads thickly”. And what once fed the fire of passion to act dwindles away to nothing because you believe you had no choice after all.

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    • Those are kind words indeed and I appreciate you reading. If the work makes you feel anything at all than I suppose its done its job.

      If it serves as some sort of inspiration, that’s awesome….but it’s not reflective of how far you have to go. Be true to your experiences in your work and it’ll have a genuine influence in the world at large. Thanks for reading, can’t wait to check out more of your work.


  4. Absolutely Amazing Phil. My mind spun, then engaged, then spun, dumbstruck, but considering. I think I have to Think about this one a great deal more to unravel its complexity and many layers. Bravo, Sir!


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