I do not believe in the cheap trick and I would not say but that it needs to be said: Β far more unsettling than the predictable end is the reflection of us as we live.

The mirror woes and
the mirror waves,
unsettled constitution
in sedentary haze.

Poor boy!
     Poor us for living.
     That he might know
     pain and pain alike,
     and that hate is forgiven.

In every moment a
In each a rattled nerve
less sense, scant affection.

Poor life!
     Without meaning nor worthy lament.
     Grant that we might blanche,
     not persist and persist;
     yet from birth defiling only innocence. 

35 thoughts on “Mirror woes, Mirror waves

  1. I saw this image recently. My heart breaks for this boy, and every other child harmed/murdered by hatred. I just can’t wrap my brain around the cruelty. The attitude that people of other countries/cultures are expendable. I wish I could take all of these children.

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  2. I do not agree that we get what we are- It is the story of Karma I was fed on, whenever anyone treated me badly some how I did something to deserve it , now I know it is false. Sometimes we are foolish and do not see the abuse that is on its way , but we did not cause anyone to behave badly.
    Even a girl brutally raped by 7 men in our country was told that she was being taught a lesson.

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    • I’d agree with your sentiment on an individual level, especially as it relates to children. It’s not about karma in the way I say it — you’ll never hear me promote the metaphysical — it’s about reality. There is so much provincialism and differing self from other, that we sit passively while horrors happen to those that don’t look, sound, smell, act like “us,” that it’s little surprise that others act the same. We, literally, get what we are. Until people identify as human first, it will continue as it always has.

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    • these are false claims done by the criminal so erase his guilt and blame the victim when his only fault is not being powerful enough to save himself


  3. I was very disturbed by this image. It was painful. How human beings can inflict such cruelties upon others is unfathomable. No one should have to grow up and live under such conditions. We live in a sick society. Too much greed, nationalism, religion, and politics. I don’t know if we will ever be able to coexist peacefully with one another, but if pictures like this can not move you with empathy,then you have lost all your humanity. There are obviously people that can kill someone and feel nothing.. I only hope that we can evolve into higher beings with basic common decency toward one another.


    • Wouldn’t that be refreshing, the idea of common decency towards one another? I know I will never see it in my life and it is the great dilemma that underlines almost all of my writing. I want to believe we have that capacity, but as someone who adheres to the evidence, it’s very difficult to actually believe it.

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      • I am in complete agreement with you. In fact, you are probably the one of the few that I have met that can see the world as it is. It seems like we are hell bent on destoying our planet and ourselves. We’ve come so far, and I ask myself for what? Our progress did come at the expense of many. We have gained and learned much, and it has not helped us with our ownbehaviors and attitudes. I also want to believe, but as you say evidence is not present.

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    • That’s a wonderful question and I believe that if most felt comfortable with the answer (and extended the dignity that results therefrom to others), we’d see a lot fewer images like this.

      Thank you for the thoughtful comment. My goal is to work toward a decency of thought and action that will unite us in some way πŸ™‚


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