Restoration is coming

I was inspired while listening to Donald Trump insist upon the need to “restore” law and order.  I hate to attribute too much inspiration to any one political blowhard, because the fact remains that the circumstances that created today’s demagogue existed yesterday and will, in all probability, exist tomorrow.  So Donald, don’t let this go to your head.

The restoration in effect,
of that ever-elusive state.
Where restful nerves and
leery eyes stick fast to 
hallowed ground.

How the calamity came to be
many manic minds never
settled.  It was, it is, may be
unto forever, but no never

The restoration will spread
like seeds along the distended
bloat.  And endure the 
sensation of prophecy fulfilled,
mouth agape and hands stolen still.

19 thoughts on “Restoration is coming

  1. I think you shouldn’t worry about Trump or any other particular person on that point. Unfortunately, I have to say, because this medieval, if not neanderthal, trend seems to be spreading world-wide. But I very much hope that this is just their last, desperate and useless, attempt to restore the feudal system. They had won 16 centuries ago, but now the situation is different. Whatever happens, they should definitely accept Orwell as their prophet)


  2. This poem is right on time. There will be an restoration, I feel it in my bones. But most are unsure what that might be. I foresee a return to the Bush years, although both trump and clinton are promising a return to the 90’s.

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      • Im not entirely sure. I feel like sociall, the country will get more conservative and blue collar. “tougher”, so to speak, Economically? I think the economy is going to get worse, at least in the short term. The only plus side I think, is that at least people will get a little more privacy. Not from the government, but from there neighbors ,etc.

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      • You think we are skewing more conservative? What gives you that impression? I think general consensus is quite the opposite, that what we’re seeing is the death of the conservative movement (at least as we’ve known it since Reagan and the moral majority). I wrote a poem about that below, it’s called “Death Rattle”


      • no, I think if Trump becomes president, the country will revert to a more conservative position. Right now, its hyperliberal. Shoot, I think it will happen if clinton is president too. Shes a “LINO”, liberal in name only. Ill check it out.


    • Interesting. So, you think Trump will win despite being behind in every major national poll? What, may I ask, are you seeing on a day to day basis that gives you that impression? (is he very popular where you live, etc?)

      Also, don’t you think what passes for “dissenting” opinion today is just a euphemistic way of actually describing what was majority opinion only a few years ago? Could what you see as “hyper-liberal” just be the natural result of freedom being afforded to more people than just mainline protestant/Christian white citizens?


      • Its just a gut feeling. I predicted him winning the nomination last year. Yes and no. I just think that most people today are followers, and too obsessed with being liked, than being themselves. That leads to people like trump, being looked at in a positive light.


      • Maybe some of those people just want to extend some feeling of inclusion to people who don’t look, worship or think exactly as they do. Decency and individuality are NOT mutually exclusive concepts, I’m sure you would agree.

        Interesting gut feeling you have regarding Trump. One thing is certain, we will have our answer in mere months.


  3. Trump’s following is the logical outcome of decades of ignoring the ‘ordinary voter’. The same thing is happening here in the UK, and in other parts of Europe too. It doesn’t mean that it’s right, it only means that it exists.
    Thanks for following my blog, which is much appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    • That’s one way of interpreting it, but I’m not sure that’s how the majority view it in the US, unless you define “ordinary voter” as white male, middle to lower middle class and undereducated. My guess is it’s more the byproduct of a demographic that sees it’s stranglehold (and status relative to minorities) slipping and instead of adapting in a coherent way, they’ve responded with vitriol and angst. That’s why I wrote my piece “Death Rattle” (see below).

      And I’m happy to follow friend. Look forward to reading some of your posts. Appreciate the comment.


      • I used the term ‘ordinary voter’ in the British sense, otherwise known as ‘the man in the street’. It covers a wide range of predominantly working-class people who don’t often vote, despite the appellation. In our case, colour is less of an issue than nationality, which is dominant
        regardless of ethnicity.
        Regards, Pete.


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