Time wasted

We think about the poet and not the poem
and we waste the beauty and the fit of
the clothes, with the idea that the idea
does not matter.

I imagine such temperature controlled reading
as the masses employ (to soothe themselves),
as the reflection of time wasted and time relieving
the great brain.

13 thoughts on “Time wasted

  1. Yes. Everyone believes the poem is autobiographical when many times it is fiction. Albeit the poet’s emotions and ideas are always lingering in the backdrop of the poem. And the poem is a cathartic release. Still, the subject is the poet’s outward pursuit, the catharsis is her/his own inner work. Nicely written and thought provoking….

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    • Thank you for your thoughts. I think I’m looking beyond just poem/poet dynamic and considering the value of ‘considering the value’ of something. Perhaps great poets have earned the right to be lauded at face value, but perhaps not as well.

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      • Greats are usually well deserved, imho. Being able to relate and reach the thoughts of another is not easy to portray through few words allotted in poetry. Most of the greats do that and transport us to their world. Be well.

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  2. Yes. So many times I see “stars” and “likes” on popular pages/blogs when the content is nonexistent. True, many of these authors and writers have earned their followers by being talented. But sometimes it feels like they could write their grocery list and still be hailed genius. Lol.

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    • It’s a shame, because if you’re actively trying to hone and improve your ability, it’s very easy to be sucked into the social media spamming for attention.

      Then again, it’s possible that people do think those “grocery lists” are good and we’ll always suffer from a lack of discerning eyes?

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