the power of a park bench, pt 1


Question friends: have you ever seen a living wonder?  Who?  Where? When?

Among the many men of middling
ability and even disposition, she
found success relating to extremes.
White world, black woman –
     A truth, and not.

When twice the effort would yield
an infinite bounty, twice the effort
is all that will do.

On and on such tales go, till the moment
perched upon a park bench beyond
where any but the self may roam.
When in extremis slid past action and
tallied with emotion.  

She quaked mightily at her person,
slap-boxing stimuli rooted deep and long 
and feeling lonely 
like suffering set-adrift.

Strange times these,
with their demands.
Strange and lovely woman this, 
so apt and adept
hovering over the shadow of doubt.


7 thoughts on “the power of a park bench, pt 1

  1. Wow. Was just thinking about self-doubt, and how age can often worsen it. This is a wonderful poem. In fact, the more I read, the more I realize how intricately special the words of your poetry are, with a certain ability to sink in, and permeate, and then blossom. How wonderful!


    • It’s always a fascinating topic, especially when I consider those who are susceptible (many times it’s people I’d never doubt in any way). Again, thank you for the kind words and I aim to produce something readable and thoughtful. I hope to keep your attention friend!


  2. You are definitely a trailblazer! A comet streaking across the sky, with light ahead and tail behind! I’m going to go post the inspiration you’ve drawn out of me with that blurb, in effect, as a new poem! Hey, thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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