Stand up and be counted

Take a look at the world around you
and start to add up the absurdities.
Before long you might find yourself
like the Indian King, the victim of 
an inescapable exponential progression.

Absurdities are not all.  There are 
people and places and individual 
circumstances that combine to form a
hefty dinner dressing.  The feast of
large numbers of which every person
is a part in some manner or other. 

Dissect and diagram your life according
to the irrevocable power of these
numbers and see them as the harbinger 
of the only permanence you will ever
know.  You are a part of them now,
the glowing figs of the existence tree,
and part of them you shall remain.

Beyond birth and life and the countless
tears and breaths, mistakes, 
misunderstandings and triumphs, hearts
captured and minds repelled.  None that
mean nothing, save for the permanence
that comes with being among the 
counted; that results from being among
the being.

Somehow this being is the being of "why,"
so often puzzling and scorned.  The being
of how, where, when, who and what. 

As to why? Because counted you were.  
And how? In the manner of the moment.  
Where? With those counted alike.
When? In your time.
Who? You -- among the rest.

What?  Counted is all.

10 thoughts on “Stand up and be counted

  1. Why stand up at all, if it’s only for the sake of being counted? Interesting twist on the how, where, when, who, what and why. Is this The New World Order of Existence? For recorded purposes only, exist in The New World in order to be. A dilemma for sure. Just my spin, wonderful poem as always.
    ~ Mia

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    • Wonderful question! Why, indeed. (always comes back to that why, doesn’t it?).

      The subtle suggestion here is that if you consider the “why” the end all, you may be in for a large disappointment — counted is all. If you look past the why for a moment (or that there even need be a why), you may find meaning in the journey itself.

      And thank you for the compliment Mia. Much appreciated, as always.

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