And so it goes with our love

A reflection of the many relationships I see around me and a constant reminder of what to  avoid.

Happiness is the distance
that forms
between partners
who are parents
who were lovers
once before.

Peace is the division
of lives
once bound by oath
and a promise
of the will to thrive.

Faces of friends
who had love
and loss 
and lose now
only that love.

The sadness of 
and the fate of a
bond broken

14 thoughts on “And so it goes with our love

  1. I have never understood ‘loss of love.’ I remember my eldest daughter’s first breakup; she was halfway around the world. Over the phone, she uttered shakily, sobbing, ‘He said he didn’t love me anymore! How is that possible? I can understand him wanting to break up with me for whatever reason, but how can someone love you and then just not love you anymore?’ This describes my own feelings exactly. I have loved and won, loved and lost. I have never stopped loving those once loved, even if the pain caused was beyond description. To me, love is the one eternal bond we are born to share, whether we ‘like’ the actions of one another or not. Aloha, Phil.

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    • There’s loving, passive, then there is loving, active. I compare the two this way: I love certainly family members for one reason only — they have always been in my life (passive). I’m in love with my girlfriend — I choose that path (active), but like any path, I cannot see where it leads from this vantage point alone. I believe loss of love is possible and, frankly, the norm.

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      • I get nervous at the thought of a *love* so consuming nothing can dissuade it…but I will admit I’ve never lost greatly (read, had something taken from me), so that may be a feeling I still have before me?

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      • May be. This kind of love is far from consuming, however, in my own experience. Attachment? Is that what you speak of? Unconditional love has just that – no conditions. It is enduring and comforting and assuring in a world fraught with too many displays of its opposite. I guess some of us are born knowing it, and others may learn they always had it, deep within. No matter my personal hardships – and there have been many crushing challenges – it is innate and has always risen, long after the drama has passed. ❤

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      • Mmm…I wonder about that word “unconditional”.

        I see even the great loves have all manner of condition. Between lovers/partners? Being faithful, at least to their shared bonding. Parent and child? More tenuous than most. Just look at all the children who have bucked their parents hopes and wishes to see how quickly that love withers.

        A disagreement as to terms, especially when it comes to feeling, is expected. My concern in the piece is with watching something wither and remaining a party to its slow death when time can be used in a more fruitful way.


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